About AquaMotion


AquaMotion was created with the vision of designing the most energy efficient, high performance, sustainable circulator line on the market with more benefits and features to meet and exceed customer demands and to compete with the world and US market leaders.

AquaMotion was incorporated in 2002 by Hans Kuster. The Company developed the revolutionary Green ECO-Cartridge™ Design which is the heart of every circulator and contains all moving parts. It has the only field replaceable and field serviceable cartridge on the market. Competitive manufacturers have to replace their entire cartridge and motor assembly or pump, increasing the foot print on the environment and doubling the cost to the consumer. With an AquaMotion pump, you can simply pull out the rotor assembly, flush the cartridge and reinstall it. It’s that simple, cost effective, and yes, it is patented. This is a tremendous advantage in areas of hard water and in the manufacturing process. The design also prevents black iron oxide and contaminants from entering into the cartridge. We also developed the pump line with the lowest power consumption of any PSC motor and the lowest power consumption of any ECM pump on the market.

bennoHow did we do it? With the help of the most experienced engineers in the water lubricated pump field. Benno, formerly Senior VP of Engineering at the market leader in wet rotor circulators joined him at Sparco and then at AquaMotion. Benno and Hans, using their lifetime experience in the hydronic industry began designing the most reliable and energy efficient circulator line on the market.

Previously, Hans Kuster worked for 21 years as Senior VP at the US market leader in circulators. He founded Sparco Inc. of Warwick RI, in 1983, His company developed 18 U.S and foreign patents for these products. Sparco became a leading manufacturer of hydronic heating and energy products. They included radiant manifolds, zone valves and the AquaMix water mixing valves. Hans sold Sparco to Honeywell International.

macBenno Lebkuchner, the inventor of the cartridge for the wet rotor circulators and the hollow shaft design, came to America from the Swiss Company who invented the water lubricated pumps. In 30 years working as Senior VP of Engineering with the US market leader, Benno became one of the pioneers of the circulator technology in use today. Benno’s many designs and patents have helped to shape the American circulator industry and his continued innovations are helping to shape its future.

Michael McNamara joined AquaMotion in 2013. McNamara previously worked as Director of Engineering at Grundfos, Pentair and as VP of Engineering at Taco. McNamara brings experience from these top industry companies. His designs as Director of Product Development at AquaMotion are helping to keep Aquamotion in front as technology leaders.

Enterprise Activity

  • AquaMotion is a US manufacturer of circulators and pumps for the residential and commercial heating and plumbing market. We also manufacture recirculation systems to save the homeowner money on electricity, provide instant hot water comfort and prevent the waste of water down the drain while waiting for hot water.
  • AquaMotion pumps use less energy than our competitors based on actual amp draw comparisons with published Underwriters Laboratories data. The entire pump line is covered by 2 US Patents with Canadian and European Patents pending. All pumps are UL, ULC, ETL and NSF listed.
  • Our pumps feature the only replaceable and flushable cartridge which extends the life of the pumps and makes them a sustainable product. In case of calcium build up in hard water areas, our pump cartridge pulls apart for flushing and reinstallation.
  • Our product line offers single speed, three speed and variable speed pumps. Our pumps are available in cast iron and stainless and are painted blue which matches many boiler manufacturers’ products. All pumps are 100% tested at our Warwick plant.
  • We also offer replacement cartridges, shut off flanges, regular flanges in bronze, cast iron and stainless. We offer a 3 year limited warranty.
  • We compete with innovated, superior designs against the world market leaders with energy efficient, competitive priced products. AquaMotion products are sold through Heating and Plumbing Wholesalers Worldwide.