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AquaMotion President to speak at the 2019 AHR Show!

AquaMotion President, Hans Kuster, To Speak At The 2019 AHR Show

AquaMotion President, Hans Kuster, to speak at the AHR Show on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 located in Theater B, room C102 at 10:15am. He will discuss Hot Water Recirculation for Tankless Heaters with and without Built-In Pump for Tanks, Indoor/ Outdoor Installation, On Demand & Meet Codes.

AquaMotion is the Winner of the AHR/EXPO Innovation Award for the most Innovative Plumbing Product for 2018 for their Aqua-Flash™ Recirculation System that works with Tanks and Tankless heaters without a built-in pump, one pipe and dedicated return lines.  The Aqua-Flash™ under-sink valve installs under sink without the need for power or batteries. The pump with timer installs on top of the water heater or below the tankless heater.

In January 2018, AquaMotion was awarded US Patent No. 9,863,647 B1 for this invention.

The AMH1K-3UV for Hot water tanks and AMH1K-6UVZT1 for tankless heaters without built-in pump are now available through Plumbing wholesalers.

Aqua-Flash™ Valve, Tee, & Hose come with both kits


Aqua-Flash™ AMH1K-3UV: for Hot Water Tanks        



   Aqua-Flash™ AMH1K-6UVZ1 for Tankless Systems   

    without built-in pump

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