AquaMotion products provide better efficiency and sustainability without the high price!

The revolutionary Green ECO-Cartridge™ Design is the heart of the circulator and contains all moving parts. It has the only field replaceable and field serviceable cartridge on the market. In the event of a failure, competitive manufacturers have to replace their entire cartridge and motor assembly or pump, increasing the foot print on the environment and doubling the cost to the consumer. With our pump simply pull out the rotor assembly, flush the cartridge with water and reinstall it. It’s that simple, cost effective, and yes, it is patented.

This innovative design is the most efficient of any single or three-speed pump. For example, the three-speed AMR circulator uses 66% less power on low speed and 35% less power on high speed than the market leader. The AM7 single-speed circulator is 33% to 54% more efficient when compared to some competitive three-speed pumps.

• Easiest to install and service
• Performance Range covered with the fewest number of parts
• Super quiet operation, compact size and self venting
• Optional BICV™ Built-In Check Valve prevents thermo siphoning  and back flow
• Maintenance-free and field serviceable cartridge
• The same stainless cartridge can be used for iron, bronze and stainless pumps to reduce inventory
• Pumps, motor assemblies and cartridges fit competitors’ models
• High starting torque motors and efficient pump design save energy cost
• 3 speed pumps with 4 bolt flanges reduce inventory by 50% and increase service factors
• UL and ULC for Canada listed
• Compliance with California and Vermont standards for lead-free bronze
• Industry leading three year warranty
• Rugged single and three speed models with low Amp draw
• Our CT07 replacement cartridges fit 95% of all Taco 007 pumps