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Santa Visits AquaMotion

Santa approves of AquaMotion pumps and here is the picture to prove it!

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AquaMotion President to speak at the 2019 AHR Show!

AquaMotion President, Hans Kuster, To Speak At The 2019 AHR Show

AquaMotion President, Hans Kuster, to speak at the AHR Show on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 located in Theater B, room C102 at 10:15am. He will discuss Hot Water Recirculation for Tankless Heaters with and without Built-In Pump for Tanks, Indoor/ Outdoor Installation, On Demand & Meet Codes.

AquaMotion is the Winner of the AHR/EXPO Innovation Award for the most Innovative Plumbing Product for 2018 for their Aqua-Flash™ Recirculation System that works with Tanks and Tankless heaters without a built-in pump, one pipe and dedicated return lines.  The Aqua-Flash™ under-sink valve installs under sink without the need for power or batteries. The pump with timer installs on top of the water heater or below the tankless heater.

In January 2018, AquaMotion was awarded US Patent No. 9,863,647 B1 for this invention.

The AMH1K-3UV for Hot water tanks and AMH1K-6UVZT1 for tankless heaters without built-in pump are now available through Plumbing wholesalers.

Aqua-Flash™ Valve, Tee, & Hose come with both kits


Aqua-Flash™ AMH1K-3UV: for Hot Water Tanks        



   Aqua-Flash™ AMH1K-6UVZ1 for Tankless Systems   

    without built-in pump

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Governor Raimondo Visits Aquamotion

Innovation is a work of art at AquaMotion

ON TOUR: Governor Gina Raimondo, AquaMotion president Hans Kuster and Mayor Scott Avedisian enjoyed a tour through the AquaMotion facility on Jefferson Boulevard in Warwick on Tuesday afternoon.

Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2018 12:34 pm

By Ethan Hartley

Governor Gina Raimondo, along with Mayor Scott Avedisian and Ward 8 Councilman Joseph Gallucci, got a firsthand glimpse into award-winning engineering innovation on Tuesday afternoon as they paid a visit to AquaMotion on Jefferson Boulevard in Warwick.

AquaMotion specializes in manufacturing cutting-edge hot water pump systems that are energy efficient, recyclable and have a guaranteed life expectancy of 10 years, with many units lasting as long as 20 years.

The company recently won most innovative plumbing product at the most recent International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) for its newest pump, the Aqua-Flash Recirculation System, which was also just awarded an international patent.

For AquaMotion president Hans Kuster, the impetus to design the recirculation pump was a common problem that many can relate to.

“How long do you wait for hot water?” he asked Raimondo with a smile. “Thirty seconds, a minute, more?”

The question was hypothetical, but the point Kuster was driving towards was that, annually, a family of five can waste upwards of 15,000 gallons of water waiting for cold water to vacate from pipes before the heated water can cycle and come out of the faucets. Using the technology created and assembled right here in Warwick, users of Aqua-Flash get hot water almost instantly through a complex system of valves.

Additionally, the circulator can be installed in systems that don’t utilize a water tank, which Kuster estimated is now the case in about 50 percent of the country and about 95 percent of water-scarce states like California and Arizona.

The circulator can be installed in 10 minutes under the sink with nothing but a wrench. All of the working components are contained within an enclosed chassis that can be disassembled, cleaned and reinstalled if it becomes clogged up by hard water deposits, such as calcium.

The system also utilizes stainless steel and brass, so it has a much longer guaranteed lifespan than competitor products, many of which use plastic that can easily break or be cracked by cross-threading, leading to failures in the pump.

Perfecting the technology took three years, Kuster said, but all that time has resulted in creating a product that none of his competitors can replicate.

“So many people today put something together and then find out later it doesn’t really work,” Kuster said. “It looks so simple but so many little aspects that have to be done and tested to get this right. It took us different tries with different elements with different characteristics to get it right…I got the biggest guys chasing me on this one.”

Kuster previously built another similar company from the ground up, Sparco Inc., in 1983. He eventually sold that company to one of those aforementioned “big guys” Honeywell in 2000 following a health scare. Not finished, Kuster started AquaMotion in 2002 and opened the facility in Warwick in 2013.

As of today, according to their website, you can find a supplier of AquaMotion products as far north as Nunavut, Canada and in every U.S. state except Alabama, including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

This is all accomplished with about 15 to 20 employees, all of which Kuster has hired locally, to the delight of the mayor and the governor, who got total access to the entire facility – seeing each individual process of making the pumps, all the way through quality control and testing.

“It’s a great company,” Raimondo said. “It’s built on innovation and they’re hiring all local people; good manufacturing jobs. There’s a certain pride in your job if you spend your day making things. You can see it in talking to all the guys who are making the pumps.”

Raimondo said that her continuing goal is to remove certain regulations to make it easier for manufacturers to operate in the state and establish educational programs to supply small business manufacturers with a ready supply of work-ready talent. She said that some of those programs are already bearing fruit for manufacturers.

“They seem to be hiring as many as we produce,” she said.

Kuster shows no signs of slowing down the Warwick-based operation. He intends to continue growing the business, as was apparent by the warehouse portion of the facility being stocked to the ceiling with product.

It was also apparent there was no shortage of ideas or creative energy flowing through him at any given moment.

“When there’s a little down time around here, I paint,” he said, again with a big smile. At once, the large, artfully detailed paintings around the upstairs conference room and office area – some of scenic buffalo grazing, others of picturesque landscapes – took on a new life. “I painted all these.”

What You Need To Know About Hot Water Recirculation

Read the “Plumbing and Mechanical” August 2018 Article

Warwick’s AquaMotion: Thriving manufacturer loves being in hot water

Warwick’s AquaMotion: Thriving manufacturer loves being in hot water


AquaMotion’s genesis: A chance meeting with John Hazen White Sr.

Providence Journal Article 5-27-19 The Genesis of AquaMotion

AquaMotion Visited By The Governor of Rhode Island

Warwick, RI – AquaMotion Inc., Governor of Rhode Island, Gina Raimondo, met on April 10th with Hans Kuster, President of AquaMotion, Inc. and his management team to discuss the expansion of manufacturing job opportunities in the state and to learn about the design and production of AquaMotion pumps and recirculation systems during a plant tour.

Governor Raimondo’s response was, “Rhode Island was built by business owners like you, whose commitment to our state and its economy fostered the independent spirit of innovation that has fueled Rhode Island for centuries. I am impressed by your business’ emphasis on talent, ingenuity and sustainability. We are counting on you to help move us forward, and AquaMotion gives me great hope for the revitalization of Rhode Island’s manufacturing industry.”
Gina Raimondo, Governor.


Hans Kuster Interviewed in PHCPpros “Product Innovation: Simply the Best”

AqauMotion’s Aqua-Flash™ is recognized as “most innovative plumbing product”.

Read the Article Here


Hans Kuster Interviewed in Plumbing Engineering: “Simply the Best”

AquaMotion’s Aqua-Flash™ is recognized as “most innovative plumbing product”.

Read the Article Here


News Alert! AquaMotion introduces the NEW Aqua-Flash™

AquaMotion introduces the NEW Aqua-Flash™ (Patent pending) Recirculation product group. This all bronze recirculation By-pass valve installs under the sink in minutes. It does not require electricity or batteries. The pump with built-in timer installs on top of the Water heater.

This system delivers instant Hot Water Comfort, prevents the waste of energy loaded tempered water down the drain and saves the home owner on utility bills.

This product line is an AquaMotion design, built and tested in the Warwick, RI / USA facility. It is UL and NSF listed. The pumps are covered by 3 US and Canadian Patents.

Learn more about all our Recirculation Products here.

AquaMotion Granted New Canadian Patent

January 31, 2017, AquaMotion was awarded Canadian Patent, No. 2,883,495 for their unique pump design with flushable and replaceable cartridge and with carbon infused sintered bearings for longer life. This is a green design and can double the life of the pump with a low priced replacement cartridge. The innovative design in sustainable and cost effective. The pumps also feature lowest power draw and energy savings.

AquaMotion is represented in all of Canada by: Ontor Ltd, 12 Leswyn Road, Toronto, M6A 1K3, Canada – Tel: 416-781-5286,

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AquaMotion, Inc. Announces New Patent Granted

Warwick, RI (May 16, 2016) – AquaMotion, Inc. is a US pump manufacturer that builds all its circulators in the USA at their Warwick, RI plant. They are covered by three US patents and offer the only flushable and replaceable cartridge to save the homeowners a lot of money by recycling this green product line. The product line also features lowest power draws and highest energy efficiency.

AquaMotion was awarded another United States Patent, Patent No. 9,328,736 B2 on May 3, 2016 for its unique carbon infused sintered bronze bearing which is stronger than a carbon bearing and provides superior lubricity in a water lubricated canned motor pump.

NEWS: Warwick Mayor Visits AquaMotion, Encourages Economic Development

DSC05839Warwick Mayor Visits AquaMotion, Encourages Economic Development Opportunity

Read the article here:,107362

NEWS: The History of Water Lubricated Circulators in North America since the 1950s. Hans Kuster In Plumbing Engineer News

Plumbing Engineer Article on the History of the Wet Rotor Pump Design article-page1

PHC News Covers Aquamotion: Q&A with AquaMotion’s Hans Kuster

hansRead the Q&A with AquaMotion’s Hans Kuster in his PHC News article about AquaMotion’s new and future products.

Download the complete article here.

AquaMotion, Inc. Hosts Contractor Training and Installer Certification Seminar

classroomA training and certification seminar for contractors focused around our Hot Water recirculation systems was held on June 17 at the NYLO hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island. The seminar included the benefits and features of the entire AquaMotion product line, pump sizing and selection, along with a step by step installation of the AquaMotion Hot recirculation systems. Graduates became certified AquaMotion installers. Future seminars will be advertised.

The AquaMotionHot On-Call™ Recirculation System

hot3The AquaMotionHot On-Call™ recirculation system delivers user controlled hot water when you want it. The On-Call system allows homeowners to choose between a wireless control button, an air-powered button that meets code for through counter installation, and a motion sensor to deliver hot water to their point of use. These user controlled features allows homeowners to save up to 15,000 gallons a year in wasted water with operating costs as low as $2.00 – $3.00 annually.

AquaMotionSMART™ Einstein Series ECM Circulators

Einstein-withETLAquaMotion Inc. announces the new AquaMotionSMART™ Einstein Series ECM circulators. Advanced variable speed technology adapts to system demand to maximize performance and efficiency. The Einstein offers high performance while maintaining the lowest power usage of any ECM on the market. Featuring easy single button speed control with LED speed and Watt display and unique automatic night-setback feature that saves money while you sleep. All models come with AquaMotion’s 4-bolt universal flange design to save on inventory. Einstein replaces competitive model E series, green/black plastic pumps imported from Italy with our superior all stainless internal design.

Aquamotion Announces AquaMotionHot TWO Recirculation System

hot1-dedicatedThe AquaMotionHot Two recirculation system delivers the comfort of instant, or user controlled, hot water with eco-friendly energy savings. Hot Two is installed at the water tank in systems that have a dedicated return line, allowing hot water recirculation without crossing over to the cold water line. The system works automatically by sensing water temperature and only running when necessary, saving up to of 15,000 gallons of water a year, while using less than $5 dollars a year in operating costs.

Aquamotion Announces AquaMotionHot One Recirculation System

hot1installedThe AquaMotionHot One recirculation system delivers instant hot water, saves up to 15,000 gallons of water from being dumped into the sewer per family of 5, saves BTU’s and costs only a few dollars in annual operating expense.  The AMH1K-1, AMH3K-7 & AMH3K-R install under the sink furthest from the heat source. The built-in aquastat and switch allow the pump to run only when need to supply hot water.