Heater: Tankless Indoor

Plumbing: Single_Pipe

Material: Stainless Steel

Pump Speed: Single Speed

Corded: Yes

Instruction Sheet


AQUA-ON DEMAND™ for TANKLESS HEATER (N) NO TIMER- USE WITH ON DEMAND CONTROL– For up to 100 Ft. of total pipe length and tankless minimum Flow Rate of .4 GPM or less
AM7-SUEV1L Stainless Union circulator, Built-In check valve, 1” union with ¾” extended tailpieces with flat for mounting,with 10 ft. line cord, includes the AMK-ODR valve kit with Bypass valve on/off 95°-104°F, hose, Tee. The ODR valve installs on the cold angle stop. AMK-WB On Demand Remote RF Wireless Control with Adjustable Receiver and Cord. -No Wiring Required, up to 5 AMK-WB or AMK-MS or AMK-WS or mixed per Receiver

Meets Title 24 California