Aqua-Flash® AMK-UK

Aqua-Flash® AMK-UK Universal Kit  Bypass Valve, Hose and Tee For Hot Water Tanks and Indirect Heaters

The new AMK-UK brass and stainless valve kit with bi-metal coil provides 90° F hot water to every faucet. It does not require power under the sink

The AMK-UK has a unique advantage, it can handle larger pump pressures up to 21 ft. hd. and provide quiet operation. The kit includes valve, hose and tee and can be installed quickly onto the cold angle stop. A hot water circulator needs to be installed at the hot water tank.

Additional Under-sink bypass valve kits- up to 5 per pump. To be used with AMH1K-3UV AquaMotion , 70600 Nevercold, and FT1 APCOM.