Aqua-Max™ APB30 Pressure Booster

Aqua-Max™ APB30 boosts domestic water pressure in residential homes by 30 psi to all fixtures and sprinkler heads. Use it where the city/ town/ well water delivers insufficient pressure. Automatically Starts when water is drawn & stops when demand ends, No Short Cycling increases pressure after water demands ends, Simple Installation plumbs into incoming water line & plugs into 115V wall fixture, Compact Design easy installation 14″ x 14″ x 11″, Quiet Operation totally enclosed  fan cooled motor, Stainless Steel Pump Construction for corrosion resistance & reliability, Composite Control with reinforced brass connections, Built in check valve eliminates back flow of cold to main, Mounting Base can be attached to floor or wall, Wash down Enclosures control and motor are sealed to prevent water entry, Drain and Fill Plugs for quick filling and venting. 1/2 hp and 3.3 Amps