AQUA-SHIELD™ AMH1K-RODRXT1 Single Pipe with On Demand

Material: Stainless Steel

Connection Type: 2_Bolt_Flange

Check Valve: Yes

Pump Speed: Single Speed

Corded: Yes

Instruction Sheet

Submittal Data Sheet


AQUA-SHIELD™ Circulator for Outdoor installation. Installs on TANKLESS HEATER WITHOUT BUILT-IN PUMP FOR SINGLE PIPE INSTALLATION, USE WITH ON DEMAND- For up to 600 Ft. of total pipe length and tankless for all minimum flow rates. Stainless high speed circulator, flanged, 10 ft. line cord, with outdoor enclosure, for water, sprinkler, bug and freeze protection, anti-tampering locking device tab. Timer set to “On” only. AMK-ODR bypass valve kit (on/off 95° – 104° F) installs under fixture, Includes AMK-WB ON DEMAND-FK75S 3/4″ Stainless Flanges Included. Patent pending. – . Meets CA Title 24 with On Demand Option.