Material: Stainless Steel

Connection Type: Flange, 4_Bolt_Flange

Pump Speed: Single Speed

Instruction Sheet

Submittal Data Sheet


TwinTurbo Cast Iron or Stainless Steel: 2 AMR  or 2 AM10 Pumps wired together set on medium or high speed.

Benefits and features:

  • More competitively priced than Higher horsepower single pumps with similar performance
  • Two pumps in series doubles the pressure output of a single pump
  • Pre-wired in series, installation wiring is the same as a single unit
  • Duel pumps allow one to be operated alone or both together
  • On solar drain back systems, both pumps can be used to fill the system and one turned off during operation.
  • Four bolt flange pattern, 12 1/2” flange to flange dimensions for easy installation in new or existing installations
  • Available with or without built in Check Valve (add “V” to part number, i.e. AMR-SFV3)
  • Available in Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Construction

AMR-SF3, TwinTurbo Stainless Steel, HeadFt:41 GPM:17
AMR-SFV3, TwinTurbo Stainless Steel with check valve, HeadFt:41 GPM:16

AMR-SF2, TwinTurbo Stainless Steel, HeadFt:36 GPM:14
AMR-SFV2, TwinTurbo Stainless Steel with check valve, HeadFt:36 GPM:13

AM10-SF3, TwinTurbo Stainless Steel HeadFt:24 GPM:29
AM10-SFV3, TwinTurbo Stainless Steel with check valve HeadFt:24 GPM:28

AM10-SF2, TwinTurbo Stainless Steel, HeadFt:21 GPM:24
AM10-SFV2, TwinTurbo Stainless Steel with check valve, HeadFt:21 GPM:23