Material: Stainless Steel

Connection Type: Flange, 4_Bolt_Flange

Max Head Feet: 21ft

Max GPM Flow: 20gpm

Check Valve: Yes

Pump Speed: Variable Speed

Corded: Yes

Instruction Sheet

Submittal Data Sheet


AM55-SFVL Stainless Steel Circulator has an Amp draw of only 0.07 to 0.57 amps, and watt consumption of just 5-38 watts the Einstein is the most energy efficient ECM on the market. This pump features 3 fixed speeds, 4 variable speeds and a night set back to maximize energy savings. It has a universal 4-bolt flange design reduces inventory and cost while simplifying installation.

Circulator comes with BICV™ built in check valve.

The Einstein circulator replaces the Taco oo7 oo7e 0015 0015e3 1816e 0018e, VR1816, VT2218 Grundfos 15-42, 15-58, Alpha I & II and others with one single model.