Heater: Tankless Outdoor

Plumbing: Dedicated_Return

Material: Stainless Steel

Max Head Feet: 11ft

Max GPM Flow: 17gpm

Check Valve: Yes

Pump Speed: Single Speed

Corded: Yes

Instruction Sheet

Submittal Data Sheet


AQUA-SHIELD™ AMH2K-7X -Dedicated Return Line

AMH2K-7X for  Outdoor tankless with less than .4 GPM flow requirement (union body)

  • Includes: AM7-SUV1AXLT1 and UK75T 3/4″ Threaded Male Fittings
  • For Outdoor Installed Tankless Heater without built-in Pump on Dedicated Return Line
  • Primary Market Southern Tier of the US
  • Outdoor installation saves on expensive air intake, exhausts
  • Easy to service outdoor installed pump
  • Pump freeze protected and water and sprinkler safe
  • Greater choice of tankless models
  • Automatic, built-in thermostat/switch designed for hot climate (115-125 F degrees), timer and 10 ft. line cord
  • Clear cover with Timer visibility
  • Meets Title 24 California (only with Aquastat)

Aqua-Shield™ Pat. Pending