Instant Hot Water Recirculation Systems and Recirculation Pumps

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hot1-diagram-undersinkAquaMotionHot™ ONE

Instant Hot Water Recirculation System

For heating systems WITHOUT a dedicated return line. Installs at furthest point from heat source, typically under sink.

Use: Under-sink System without return line. Installs at furthest point from heat source. Pump, built in sensor/switch and check, hoses, fittings, cord included.

hot1installedHow it works: AquaMotionHot One recirculation system delivers instant hot water as soon as the faucet is turned on. AquaMotionHot One uses a built in temperature sensor/switch to ensure that the pump only runs when water temperature begins to cool. AquaMotionHot One annual operating cost as low as $2 per year while maintaining instant hot water at the faucet.

Easy to Install: AquaMotionHot One requires no cutting of current piping to install. Installation is as easy as connecting the two tee’s and two hoses to existing attachments under the sink.

Features of AquaMotionHot One

  • Hook up and go™ installation
  • Instant hot water when you need it
  • No programming or settings required
  • Compact design for under sink installation
  • Built in, fast acting temperature sensor makes the AquamotionHot One compact and intelligent
  • All fittings and hoses included
  • Saves up to 15,000 gallons of water per year for a family of 5
  • Lowest operating cost high efficiency allows energy savings up to 95% compared to constant run recirculation systems
  • Quiet operation
  • We make custom kits to fit your application





hot1-dedicated-diagramAquaMotionHot™ TWO

Instant Hot Water Recirculation System

For heating systems WITH a dedicated return line. Installs on tank or tankless heater.

Use: Dedicated Return-line System. Install on heat source, tank or tankless water heater. Pump, sensor, 10ft cord.

hot1-dedicatedHow it works: AquaMotionHot Two recirculation system uses a temperature sensor and optional digital timer to keep hot water instantly available throughout the system. You will never wait for hot water again. The AquaStat temperature sensor clips on to the return line and ensures that the pump only runs when water temperature begins to cool. The optional digital timer can be set to run only when needed, and features unique seven day functions, and power failure protection to save settings even after loss of power. Only when the timer and AquaStat signals are on will the circulator run, ensuring the lowest run time with annual operating costs as low as $2 a year.

hot1-underR-kitEasy to Install: The AquaMotionHot Two recirculation pump installs between a dedicated return line and the existing water heater. The AquaMotionHot Two plugs into a standard wall outlet.


Features of AquaMotionHot Two

  • Instant Hot water when you need it
  • AquaStat equipped with 8ft cord, and universal ½”, ¾” clips. Senses water temperature to minimize run time. Save up to 15,000 gallons of water per year for a family of 5.
  • Kits include fittings for both PEX and copper tubing
  • Optional Digital timer with adjustable 7-day functions, as well as power failure protection that keeps its settings even after power outage or when unplugged.
  • 3 year limited circulator warranty
  • Factory installed 10’ Line Cord with ground plug
  • BICV™ – Built in check valve
  • Lowest operating cost high efficiency allows energy savings up to 95% compared to constant run recirculation systems
  • Quiet operation
  • We make custom kits to fit your application




AquaMotionHot™ On-Call™

For user control of a AquaMotionHot ONE or AquaMotionHot TWO instant system. Counter or wireless button or motion sensor easily install for “on-demand” control of recirculation systems. Meets California and other building codes.

Use: Pair OnCall controls with eitherAquaMotionHot One or AquaMotionHot Two systems.

How it works: AquaMotionHot OnCall™ recirculation system maximizes efficiency by allowing the user to control when the circulator runs. The OnCall™ system uses one of three available options, a motion sensor, remote countertop button, or wireless button, to ensure that the circulator only runs when hot water is called for. The circulator only runs when the user activates the sensor or button. By operating the fewest times per day water and energy losses are minimized. AquaMotionHot OnCall™ meets all codes where required and operates for as little as $2 per year.


Easy to Install: The sensor of choice is installed either on the countertop as a remote countertop button, on cabinet or wall as a wireless button, or as a motion sensor located in the room.


Features of AquaMotionHot On-Call

  • Hook up and Go™ installation
  • Available for undersink and dedicated return line systems
  • Remote countertop button – meets code for through counter installation (Kit # AMK-CB)
  • Wireless remote button – on wall or side of cabinet installation (Kit # AMK-WB)
  • Motion sensor – operates automatically when user enters room (Kit # AMK-MS)
  • Up to five wireless buttons or motion sensors can linked up with one receiver
  • Wireless Button range – 100 feet obstructed, 500 feet unobstructed