catridgeRevolutionary Replacement Pump Cartridge

Instruction Sheet

There is tremendous waste going on in our industry!

Perfectly good pumps that stop working because of calcium build up or dirt in the system end up in the land fill.

cartridge-expandedThere is a better solution for this problem.  AquaMotion invented a revolutionary Green ECO Cartridge™.  The cartridge, which is the heart of the pump, can be pulled out of the stator, taken apart and flushed to remove calcium deposits or dirt.  This cartridge can then be reinstalled to extend the life of the pump for many more years.  This saves the contractor and homeowner substantial money and does not increase the footprint on the environment.  A new stainless pump costs several hundred dollars.  The cartridge costs the homeowner or service company $50-$60.

This is what we call sustainable.  Instead of filling the land fill, we recycle.

Only AquaMotion PSC pumps have this patented invention built in.  The strong, single piece, patented carbon infused bearings in the cartridge provide longer life and ultra-quiet service.

The AquaMotion Replacement Cartridge, CT07, fits the AM7 circulator and the Taco 007 circulators. The CT07 replaces the Taco part RP007-042RP and 007-042 at 20-40% lower cost.