Aquamotion SMART™ Variable Speed ECM Pumps

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Lowest Power Consumption ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) Pumps: Einstein Series™

Advanced Technology

Smart Electronic Control allows the circulator to adapt to changing system demands by automatically varying performance.
AquaMotionSMART Einstein series is the latest innovation in electronically commutated motor (ECM) circulator technology. The AquaMotionSMART Einstein series uses a permanent magnet motor design and variable speed technology to adapt automatically to system demand to give you the performance you need. The infinitely variable speeds mean that the Einstein optimizes system performance while drawing the least amount of energy.

einstein-tables-etcLowest Power Consumption

AquaMotionSMART systems operate at 10-33% less power consumption than the leading competitors. Lowest energy consumption means greater savings on energy costs. The Einstein’s unique Night Set Back feature automatically lowers its output at night to conserve energy.

Design and Engineering is SMART

One button control makes installation and operation easy. All AquaMotionSMART circulators come with universal 4-bolt flange design eliminating the need for two models and saving inventory space and ensuring that the installer always has the right pump for the job. AquaMotionSMART pumps save money, save energy, and increase comfort with high performance and quiet operation.

Features of AquaMotionSMART

  • High Efficiency: Lower power consumption results in lower operating costs
  • Ease of Operation: Easy single button speed control with LED speed and Watt display. Automatic night-setback feature saves money while you sleep
  • Super Quiet Operation: Eliminates system noise and noise complaints
  • Universal 4-Bolt Flange: Cuts inventory in half at the wholesaler, in the shop, and on the service truck and allows for versatile installation
  • Flexible Power Cord: Eliminates the need for conduit
  • Innovative Cartridge: Replaceable cartridge extends the life of the pump and promotes sustainability

AquaMotion Smart, Electronically Communicated Motor

einstien-insides-3ECM circulators have Electronics and high efficiency DC Motors. The reason for this combination is that a DC motor can not be run without an electronic control to tell the motor to start, what direction to rotate, and how fast to rotate.

The Einstein control is a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) control. This means it controls the speed by sending the motor varying length pulses of DC voltage to vary the pump speed.

Sensorless Design

With no sensors in the motor to tell the electronics what the motor is doing the electronics has to listen to feedback that the motor creates on the power leads. This feedback is created because the rotor is always trailing behind the firing of the stator coils. The amount it trails is related to how much load there is on the motor.

In the case of a circulator this load is the flow and the head the circulator creates. Since the flow and head vary when heating loops are opened or closed the electronics by reading the feedback from the motors knows what is happening in the system.

The electronics are preprogramed to react to these changes by changing the power input to the motor to either speed it up or to slow it down.

Note: The feedback from the motor is called “Back EMF” or Electromotive Force. This is actually the measure of the very short period of time when the motor acts like a generator. Visually this can not be seen however the electronics can measure it.